Welcome to the Prince Albert Angling Society

Welcome to the Prince Albert Angling Society

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Message from the Chairman
Over recent weeks we have sent or displayed on the PAAS website, Facebook or the Forum Corona Virus lockdown measures and advice to all anglers.
However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that some members of the Society are not adhering to the regulations set out by the government, members are taking it upon themselves to travel long distances just to go fishing, and this is not acceptable.
The government guide line’s although not specific says stay local, members traveling from the Stoke area to Capesthorne Estate and Liverpool to Shrewsbury is definitely not classed as local.
We are receiving reports from our Bailiffs, members of the public and others regarding this and it can only put the Society in a bad light with those members of the public our Land and Riparian owners.
If we are going to beat this virus, we must consider the whole community and not be so selfish, we must think of other people not just ourselves.
There is light at the end of the tunnel the present lock down now seems to be having a small impact on the daily covid infection rate, but the daily death rate will maintain its present level for another couple of weeks yet and remember, it’s not just the elderly that are dying, young fit people are now succumbing to this deadly disease and some suffering long term impact to their health.
With the vaccination program gaining momentum daily there is a future that we can all look forward to.
All we are asking is that members act responsibly stay local means stay local, if you haven’t got a PAAS water local to you find an alternative venue or sport. If we act sensibly this pandemic will soon be over and then we can all get out and enjoy the sport that we love.
 Please follow the guidance
You know it makes sense, please stay safe, stay local and hopefully I’ll see you on the riverbank this year.
John Kirby – Chairman Prince Albert Angling Society.

Coronavirus Information.

The single most important action we can all take to protect the NHS and save lives is to Stay at Home.

In England, fishing is permissible as your once-a-day exercise with the following restrictions:
  • Waters are to open from 6am to 10pm unless other restrictions apply (Close seasons/SWR’s etc).
  • Fish Locally – you can travel a short distance within your area.
  • Fish alone, with your household (or support bubble) or one other person.

Click here for: Government guidance on travel

Click here for: Angling Trust latest guidelines

In Wales fishing is not specifically prohibited but the following restrictions apply:
  • You may only walk or cycle to fish. The need to carry tackle is not a justification for driving.
  • Waters are to open from 6am to 10pm unless other restrictions apply (Close seasons/SWR’s etc).
  • Fish alone or with your household (support bubble)

Click here for Welsh Welsh Government guidance on sport, exercise and outdoor activity

Always observe Social Distancing – including with other anglers on the bank. Carry hand sanitizer and use disposable gloves where necessary.

All members should think carefully about what is the most sensible thing to do to protect your family,

friends and your community, rather than thinking about what the law allows you to do.

Oss Mere - prince albert angling society
Oss Mere. “Where the dark drowsy fins a moment rise, of fish that carry souls to paradise”.

Back in 1954 a group of friends and match anglers regularly met at the Prince Albert Pub in Newton Street Macclesfield, Cheshire. They fished either on day tickets or as guests of one of the big fishing clubs of the day. Eventually they decided to club together and rent a water of their own, the rest as they say is history.

Dane Barble - paas.co.uk
Picture courtesy of Mark Welton

From our humble beginnings the Prince Albert Angling Society has grown to be arguably the largest and most successful angling club in Europe with well over 220 waters, in a geographic area stretching from the Scottish Border in the North to the river Wye in the South, the Fylde Coast in the West and the Pennine Chain in the East. These waters give members the opportunity to fish coarse lakes and rivers simply for pleasure. Or for the specimen angler, numerous lakes with carp over 35lbs and lakes and rivers holding pike to 35lbs. Barbel on numerous rivers run well into double figures and specimen chub commonly feature in catches.

Dee - paas.co.uk
Welsh Dee. Picture courtesy of Rob Mason

Equally the Game Angler can fish on reservoirs, lakes and streams and fish for salmon on large fast flowing rivers, all of this set in some of the most glorious areas of the English and Welsh Countryside. Prince Albert has a number of well stocked still water trout fisheries plus membership includes the opportunity to fish a number of large Commercial Trout Fisheries as well.

Eaton Estate Welsh Dee - paas.co.uk
Eaton Estate Welsh Dee. Picture courtesy of Stuart Horn

All of this is available within a well-managed and financially sound Club. All of our waters are looked after by our Bailiff Team and we have a sensible rule book by which we safeguard the interests of both our club and our members. Membership includes our famous Map Book and Guide with essential and comprehensive information about all of our waters. Biannually you’ll receive our excellent magazine – Hook Line & Sinker and membership includes access to your very own Internet Forum where you’ll find up to the minute information on everything to do with fish and fishing and have the chance to chat with fellow anglers.

In addition to regular Members Meetings held throughout the year at various locations, we have our annual Open Day in June. Set on the banks of the River Ribble at Ribchester in Lancashire, open to everyone not just members. Its a great chance to find out more about the Society, see some excellent fishing demonstrations, attend talks on all aspects of angling, grab a bargain from one of the many trade stands and experience our famous ‘bring-n-buy’ second tackle marquee.

Fly - paas.co.uk
Picture courtesy of Tony Caton

We are always looking for the opportunity to take on new waters, however we only consider vacant waters and not those already fished by other clubs. If you are a water owner and would like to discuss the benefits of the Prince Albert Angling Society caring for your lake, pond river or stream, contact our secretary via the link below and of course if you are interested in becoming a member, follow one of the membership links.