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Welcome to the Prince Albert Angling Society

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Stocks Reservoir in the Forrest of Bowland

2024 Season Permits available now!

We have a limited number of Season Tickets available for this water at £75.00 for non members of the Society.

Season Permit Application Form

Stocks Reservoir is a large fly fishery, some 350 acres, situated in the Forrest of Bowland at the head of the Hodder Valley. Rainbow Trout are stocked during the season and there is a head of resident fish. The fishing is fly only, primarily for Trout although Perch may be fished for, again by fly only. Only barbless or de-barbed hooks may be used. All Trout and Perch must be returned to the water unharmed. No boats or float tubes are allowed, it is strictly bank fishing only, dawn until dusk from 29th March until 31st October (inclusive).

Over 16’s £75.00 + £5.00 postal admin fee.

Under 16’s £15.00 + £5.00 postal admin fee.

(Under 16’s receive a complete Prince Albert Angling Society annual membership).