Predator Fishing

The Prince Albert offers some of the finest predator fishing
with many of our waters holding good size specimen fish

KH Perch -

The Pike is one of our most treasured fish species and the Society restricts the seasons and methods that the Pike may be targeted. Full details are given in the Membership Card
From the picturesque River Wye that holds specimen pike to 30lb to many stretches of the River Severn, River Ribble, River Trent, River Dove and many more,
you are really spoilt for choice

Our many still waters that hold predators range from small to medium lakes up to our large premier reservoirs that hold specimen pike to 30lb and specimen perch to 4lb

We also have a number quality still waters with easy access for the less mobile angler
If you like your predator fishing then come and join us you won’t be disappointed the choice is endless


Paul Cooper (Assistant Head Bailiff)