Membership Renewal Information

Membership Renewal for 2024

 Postal Renewals

Any member wishing to renew by post in the historic way (Renewal Form & Catch return centre pages of your membership card pages  19 to 21) will need to include an additional £5 (Per Cheque – Not Member) for admin and handling, but must NOT include a Stamped Addressed Envelope, this will be provided as part of admin and handling.

For clarity, the £5 fee is per cheque so for e.g.: –

A Senior Citizen (with 5years full and unbroken membership) renewing will pay £95 plus £5 admin, a total of £100 in 1 cheque.

A Senior Citizen (as above) renewing plus a Non-Angler will pay £95 + £15 Plus £5 admin, a total of £115 in 1 cheque.

A Full Member will pay £135 plus £5 admin, a total of £140 in one cheque

A Full Member plus 2 Juniors and 1 Non-Angler will pay £135 + 2x £20 + £15 plus £5 admin, a total of £195 in one cheque

Intermediates Members will pay £55 plus £5 admin, a total of £60.

To avoid the hassle of posting out renewals, Members who do not have an email address or internet access and therefore cannot access the Website Members Area, can renew over the phone by calling 01477533999. This will still attract the normal admin fee of £3.50 and if renewing over the phone members with a game catch return should have the details to hand.

Renewal Rates For 2024
Full Membership                                                                                £135.00
Members over 66
and having five years FULL and Unbroken membership             £95.00
Juniors.             (See General Rules, Rule 1)                                    £20.00
Intermediates.   (See General Rules, Rule 1)                                    £55.00
Non-Anglers.                                                                                      £15.00

Over 80s with 5 years as a full member.                                           Complimentary

NB The age for concessionary membership with 5 year full and unbroken membership is 66

NB To renew on-line, login to the members area and click on the Renewals tab, please remember the first screen will be your catch return, Game Anglers please complete and submit and Coarse Only Anglers should just click submit which will put in a nil return.