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To become a member, please apply using the form below.

To join as a Junior Member, you must be under 16 years of age on 31 March in year of application. Junior Membership is £20.00 per year plus admin fee, but with no joining fee and no waiting list. To join you must either have a parent or guardian or relative or person known to you who is a member, or a parent or guardian who is joining with you.

Age restrictions:
· Junior Members under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult member.
· Junior Members 12 and over can fish still waters unaccompanied, during daylight hours.
· To fish rivers or night fish Junior Members must be accompanied by an adult member.
· The adult member is responsible for the Juniors behaviour and conduct.
· An adult member can be either a Full Member or a Non-Angling Member.

Existing Members can add a Junior Member and pay on-line, from the ‘Your Details’ section of the web members area.

Caution- if you have already placed an application DO NOT apply again as any new application will overwrite the previous ones.

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