We’ll Fish Again

We’ll Fish Again

A special ‘Lockdown’ page for our members

Mostly links to other sites offering top tips for Anglers during the crisis. Contributions are welcome via email to or

From The Angling Trust

The Angling Trust has launched a new website – Fishing Buzz – to keep anglers and their families entertained during the Covid-19 lockdown and help relieve some of the stress and worries we’re all experiencing right now.

The Angling Trust also has a dedicated – Covid -19 Resource Hub a dedicated resource hub for anglers, clubs, fisheries and other angling organisations.

Atticus Albright a masters student at the University of Durham studying the attitudes of UK freshwater predator anglers towards both natural and artificial baits and has requested the aid of the Society. He hopes to reveal the most popular predator baits, why anglers use them as well as whether the use of natural dead baits has any significant impact on our native stocks of bait species such as lamprey.

“Predator fishing is a wildly popular branch of our sport in the UK with many specialist predator anglers and clubs. UK anglers use a variety of natural and artificial baits in our hobby, but this attitude is not shared across the globe with many areas such as the US preferring to solely use artificial lures.The reason for these differences in methods is unclear”.

In order to do this he will need to conduct telephone questionnaires with anglers so that they can express their opinion. The phone questionnaire will be short, and completely confidential. If any predator anglers are willing to help please contact him at . The telephone questionnaire should be around 10 to 15 minutes and could be a bit of a break from the lockdown boredom currently.

Over on our Juniors Facebook Pages our Junior Development Team is running a

Guess the Fishes Weight Competion.

Well worth a listen is Richard Walker on Dessert Island Discs in 1974. (You will need a BBC account to listen on BBC Sounds)

BBC Sounds – Richard Walker, Dessert Island Disc 1974  – We’re grateful to Member David Pratt for the link.

Here are a few more links Davids dug up in the You Tube archive, old grainy some in black and white, all much more worth a look than that daft american with tigers.

These four are by Oliver Kite the renowned angling writer of the 1960’s.





This one, British Pathe – Salmon Fishing 1955  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3haTXem2umw&t=6s

Here’s Frank Sawyer Tying a ptn (silent) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=416Os9V84n8 catching a trout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_1M6mNfWHo  and snaring a pike (how times change) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo1bHLHaTI8

Richard Walker talks of the capture of Clarrisa, chatting with Martin James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ9M9PgcaeA

Matt Hayes on the riverbank with Peter Stone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MstmesFu83w

Three from Jack Hargreaves Out of Town series:




David says; “Many years ago, I was a member of Cambridge Invicta Flyfishing Club where one of the presentations was made by Pete Thomas who spoke at length about early post war developments in fishing and tackle.” Sadly no recordings were made.

This extraordinary times we are living through has pushed many more anglers than normal toward the internet. There’s a huge amount of trash out there so we’re grateful to the ‘diligent research’ of our Game Fisheries Team in providing this rundown of the best of You Tube:







Lockdown Day 17 Update:- Our Meme-bership Department has offered up a couple of fav’s:



Being a news junkie myself thanks to everyone that suggested these two.



Oh – and if you haven’t subscribed yet here’s the latest from Pluto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJxBd9XAVus

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