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Updated 15th May 2020 by Admin

For the current status of waters (open/closed) check the Web Waters Guide. Follow this link to login: PAAS Web members area login

Check the Web Waters Guide each time you go fishing. The Web waters Guide is a ‘live’ list and will change frequently. The following additional restrictions will apply until further notice.

GOVERNMENT GUIDANCE – Everyone must follow these.

  • 2 metres – You must keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from fellow anglers and between pegs
  • You may drive to open waters irrespective of distance, in a private vehicle, alone or with members of your own household
  • You must carry hand sanitizer and or soap and water and wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. The use of disposable gloves is highly recommended
  • Don’t go out if you have a cough or high temperature. Go home immediately if you begin to feel unwell
  • You may only fish on your own, with your own household, or with one other person while adhering to social distancing


HAND WASHING – Anglers and visitors must wash or sanitize their hands after touching locks, gates and catch return boxes, toilets, etc.

CLOSED WATERS – Where waters are listed as ‘closed’ this means Closed to Fishing & Access.

BALLOTED WATERS  – Ballot system applies to the usual waters that are open as set out in your membership card.

WORKING PARTY TICKETS  – Waters listed on page 29 of the card ‘Open only to working party ticket holders’ are open to all until 16th June.

Given that many waters remain closed, the waters listed on page 29 of your card ‘open only to working party ticket holders’ are open to all until 16th June. This will be reviewed prior to the 16th June and there will be a further announcement. If you took part in, or applied to do a working party prior 23rd March 2020 (when lockdown began), you will be issued with a working party ticket valid for the rest of 2020.

CLOSE SEASON  – Statutory close seasons and those imposed by our landlords apply to all waters.

Details are in your membership card. Don’t forget that not all coarse and trout still waters are open all year round.

MATCHES AND JUNIOR EVENTS  – matches and events suspended.

The adult and junior match program set out in your membership card is currently suspended until at least 16 June 2020 due to Covid 19 restrictions therefore all waters are currently open on the match dates in set out in your membership card (subject to having re-opened after Covid 19 ). As and when the match program resumes waters will be closed on match days as usual.

48 HOUR MAX  – Maximum stay of 2 nights on all waters unless night fishing is not allowed or a lower limit already exists.

In order to minimise travel as required by the government and take account of an expected high demand for pegs a maximum stay of 2 nights only is allowed on any water (unless night fishing is not allowed or a lower limit is already in place) until further notice. Anglers are requested to take enough food and water for the length of their stay and not order additional supplies from take away delivery or friends/relatives. Again, to minimise travel and visits to our waters.

TOILETS  – Toilets are being fully serviced as soon as possible, not all may be open immediately.

All the toilets provided by PAAS are being serviced. Please report any issues. Toilets outside of our control and those provided by landowners in their buildings might not be open.

DAY TICKETS  – No day tickets for our waters will be sold until 16 June at the earliest.

We have suspended all Day and Season Ticket sales. We will review this position by 16th June

TROUT SYNDICATE WATERS – Contact the lodges direct for current status.

Our trout syndicate waters are working hard to put the necessary safety measures in place to reopen. Contact the lodge direct or check their website for the current status.