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For the current status of waters (open/closed) check the Web Waters Guide. Follow this link to login: PAAS Web members area login

Check the Web Waters Guide each time you go fishing. The Web waters Guide is a ‘live’ list and will change frequently.

Although angling may continue through the current crisis members are urged to follow the UK Government advice at:

Additional advice from the Angling Trust as it relates to England can be found here:

The Government’s Winter Covid Plan: What it means for angling

The Coronavirus Law is not the same in England and Wales. In particular, additional travel restrictions apply to Wales. Specific Covid information for Wales can found here:

Members must check the Web Waters Guide before fishing. The Web waters Guide is a ‘live’ list and may change frequently. There may be restrictions on fishing. Waters listed as ‘closed’ are closed to fishing and access.

Additional Covid restrictions regarding specific aspects of Prince Albert A.S. fishing can be found below: