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Updated Sat 13 June, 2020 10:31am

For the current status of waters (open/closed) check the Web Waters Guide. Follow this link to login: PAAS Web members area login

Check the Web Waters Guide each time you go fishing. The Web waters Guide is a ‘live’ list and will change frequently.

Government Guidance – Everyone must follow this:

    • 2 metres – You must keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from fellow anglers and between pegs
    • In England you may drive to open waters irrespective of distance, in a private vehicle, alone or with members of your own household or bubble. Specific guidance is issued for Wales (see
    • You must carry hand sanitizer and or soap and water and wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. The use of disposable gloves is highly recommended
    • You may only fish on your own, with your own household or bubble, or with anther person while adhering to social distancing
    • You must ‘self isolate’ at home immediately if you have a cough a high temperature or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. Contact the NHS as soon as possible about your symptoms and get a test.