Further info on changes to the Members Area login, October 2020

Further info on login to the
Members Area.


As your registered email address is your username to login to the Members Area, it is important to note that only one email address is valid per member for login. Should your other associate or family members wish to independently access the Members Area contact the Membership Secretary to add their email address to their membership record. Once the change is confirmed your other associate or family members will be able to register for their own Members Area account.

A current email address is increasingly important part of your membership record. Periodically we send important information via email and a current email address will be required to renew your membership online, book balloted waters and many other online functions. Hook Line & Sinker, our biannual magazine is also sent via email. We would urge all members to keep their membership record up to date with a current valid email address. You can check your current email address associated with your membership in the ‘Your Details’ tab within the Members Area.

A bit about passwords…

When you enter a valid password and click ‘login’ our system generates a random password for your session. In that way your password cannot be exposed whilst browsing our site. However, you should still change your password regularly and if it is a password assigned to you by PAAS, change it to one of your own immediately on the ‘Your Details’ page after login. Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters and they may contain letters, (both upper and lower case) and numbers. All special characters are allowed. Keep your password secure and don’t use the same password on multiple sites.