Specific Waters Information

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Withnel Fold Bottom & Top. waters 213 & 214 – Disruption, arboreal work taking place.

Contractors will be working on Friday 3rd July to remove and chip Silver Birch Trees. There may be some disruption to fishing.


Sand & Dove Meres. Waters 88 & 152 – Disruption, arboreal work taking place.

Contractors are starting work again on thinning trees. From time to time there maybe some temporary closures of pegs, parking or restricted access.Members are asked not to fish in or visit any taped off areas and take note of all signs. The work is expected to last until the end of July.


R.Ribble Salesbury Hall. Water 78 – PAAS key required

Members are reminded that a PAAS key is required for the upstream car park near the foot bridge at Trough House accessed via the B6243 and Lambing Cough.


R.Dysynni. Water 147 – Gravel Extraction

Gravel Removal will be taking place at Pont-y-Garth 7th July 2020. Anglers can expect some discoloration of the water during the process.


Gailey Reservoir. Water 253 – New Register

From 6th July 2020, members must book on and off using the diaries provided with Name, Membership Number, Time & date of Arrival and Departure and their Peg Number. Failure to do so could result in your card being retained by the Bailiffs.


R.Mint Waters 179 & 228 – Parking

Ivy Bridge on the River Mint has been severely damaged by storms and floods in recent years and is no longer safe for vehicle access. Therefore the parking on the eastern side of the bridge (what3words unit.portfolio.explained) is now closed. Furthermore, do not drive past the entrance to the first carpark you come to, as the track beyond is steep and narrow with no space to turn round.


Lower Thorneycroft Lake. Water 193 – Amendment to SWR – (Bait limit)

The Special Water Regulation regarding 2kg of bait per day is increased to 3kg of bait per day with immediate effect.



Ulness Walton Pools. Water 266 – Vermin Control

Vermin Control is being undertaken at Ulnes Walton members are reminded not to touch or move any of the boxes that may be visible.


R.Henmore. Water 55 – Map update

There is an error on some prints of the River Henmore water 55. The no fishing section extends to the confluence with the Dove on the right bank. The web version of the Waters Guide here in the Members Area is the correct version.


R.Ribble & R.Hodder, Standon Estate. Waters 56 & 80 – Lost

We shall not be renewing the lease for these two waters after 1st June 2020.

PAAS Chairman John Kirby says:

“The loss of these waters came out of the blue after renting them for the past 30 years. We were offered just the fishing above the bridge to the top boundary on the Hodder but the committee felt that with the access problems through the wood combined with the high rent meant it wasn’t for us.”


R.Severn Raby Estate. Water 178 – New parking arrangements

We have new parking arrangements on this water at the upstream end of the beat on the left bank. Members must now park adjacent to the Old Water Tower, now a holiday let. There is room for 3 cars tightly parked tightly under the Scots pine, by the end of the wall. There is additional parking further along the lane on the verge where the lane turns sharp left. Members must continue to use the current path to the upstream end of the beat.


Rossmere. Water 87 – New day fishing only pegs

Pegs 9 and 10 at Rossmere are reserved for Day Fishing only with immediate effect.

Rossmere. Water 87 – public gatherings/security issues

Following on going issues with members of the public accessing Rossmere and deviating from the foot path that provides a right of way, the management committee have approved the additional services of a security company who will be present to ensure the members can continue to enjoy their fishing,  further long term options are being considered.


The Isle. Water 198 – Restricted access

Access to the pegs passed peg 28 remains flooded. In addition, there are protected species of birds nesting in the area. Please do not go past peg 28 for access or fishing.

The Isle. Water 198 – Amendment to SWR – (Bait limit)

The Special Water Regulation regarding 2kg of bait per day is increased to 3kg of bait per day with immediate effect.


Rake brook & Lower Roddlesworth. Water 294, – New combination lock

New combination lock code: 3334


R.Hyndburn. Water 285 – Restricted Access

At present, the main farm gate to the southernmost carpark is locked at 7:30pm. (This is What3words carpark – drew.neat.olive). Members must leave the site before this time.


R.Teme, Water 256 – Relinquished water.

Regrettably we will not be able to renew our lease on Water 256 on the River Teme on 1st March 2020 as the water has been sold to new owners. Members may not fish after 1st March 2020. We will of course beconducting negotiations with the new owners in the hope of re-obtaining the water in the future.


R.Sow, Tixall Lock Farm, Millford. Water 171 – Amendment to SWR (PAAS car sticker)

A PAAS car sticker must e displayed on parked vehicles.
No access during the hours of darkness.


R. Vyrnwy Llantsantfraid Waters 133 &134 – Footbridge Closed

Godor footbridge over the Vyrnwy at Llantsantfraid has been closed by Powys council because of a build up of debris against the piers. This effectively closes water 134, Rhos Farm, and the upstream length of water 133, Rhosddu. It is not expected to reopen until spring 2020.


R. Trent, Wetmoor Hall Farm. Water 183 – Restriction

Anglers must use disposable gloves to open gates at this water at the request of the owner