Specific Waters Information

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River Lune, Drybeck, Water 268

There is a temporary road closure in place for the next 4 weeks. However access is available for fishing.


River Ribble, Dinkley, Water 78 – Carparking

Members are reminded to ensure they lock the car park gate correctly, allowing members of the other clubs we share the car park with to be able to gain access and egress.


River Dee, Sutton Green Farm, Water 233 – Closed

A new lock on the access gate is preventing access. Consequently the water is closed until the situation is rectified.


River Severn, Attingham Estate, Atcham, Water 90.

There is a new combination lock for this water. Details can be found on the online Waters Guide.


The Isle Lake, Water 198 – Short term closure until further notice

The Isle lake will be closed to fishing from tomorrow am (18th June 2020) until further notice.

There has been a sudden and catastrophic drop in oxygen levels and the closure is necessary for the welfare of our valuable stock. The Coarse Fisheries Team will monitor the situation regularly and will reopen the water when oxygen levels improve. Thank you for your support.


Springwood Pool, Water 114 – Reopening Monday 21st June

Happy to report that the car park improvements will be completed this weekend and the pool can reopen for fishing as normal from Monday morning.


River Severn, Attingham Estate, Water 90 – New combination lock.

There is a new combination lock for the car park on the Attingham estate. The new code can be found on the Web Waters Guide.

Hack Green Pools, Water 300 – no new messages



Springwood Pool, Water 114 – No bivvies’ on the dam head.
Members are requested not to erect bivvies’ on the dam head.


River Sow, Water 170 – New combination lock

There is a new combination lock on the Private Access Road from the Tixall Road to Brancote STW. The gate will be locked out of office hours and at weekends from now on. The padlock combination is listed on the Web Waters Guide.


Withnel Fold, Waters 213 & 214 – Lure Fishing, Top Lodge.

For clarification of the SWR, Pike Fishing or any kind of lure fishing is not allowed on the top lodge. However, artificial course baits corn & grubs are permitted.


Marbury Mere, Water 64 – Restricted Access

Access to the pegs behind the Church is not possible on foot directly from our car park, There is a large trench across the field. Whilst parking is strictly in our car park there is access on foot to drop tackle off through the Church yard or the adjacent field.


River Severn, Buildwas, Water 169 – New PAAS padlock.

The gate to the car parking area is now locked with a PAAS lock. The farmer requests that if members find it open during the day, leave it open and it will be locked at night. If members find it locked please relock it.


Henbury Hall, Water 283 – New PAAS padlock

At the request of the Estate there is a new PAAS padlock on the roadside gate.

Hatchmere, Water 191 – No new messages.



Fairoak Pools, Water 267 – Waters Guide Amendment, Stoves and Barrier

Amendment to the Waters Guide – Fairoaks Pools is no longer closed during April.

Due to the forest location of the water, stoves may be used at Fairoak Pools except in very dry weather conditions. Note:

Due to the extremely dry spring, the Forestry Commission have told us that temporarily, stoves are not to be used until further notice.

Contractors, (Clixbys), will be filling water bowsers from the fishing pools. They will try to work around us and fill up where no one is fishing, but if they are really busy, they may need to put a hose in near fisherman.

Please remember that the barrier must be kept closed and locked at all times.

Swan Lake, Inner & Outer Horseshoe. Water 248, 278 & 279 – No new messages


Redesmere. Water 244 – No new messages

Capesthorne Garden & Park Pool – No new messages


Sand & Dove Mere’s – Waters 88 & 152

Manchester triathlon club are hoping to run their annual triathlon at Boundary Water Park on 18th July 2021. (Covid restrictions pending). Part of the route will be along be along our access road Wash Lane, there may be some disruption.

Rumworth Lodge Reservoir. Water 277 – No new messages

The Thorneycrofts Lakes. Waters 120 & 193 – No new messages


R.Severn Raby Estate. Water 178 – New parking arrangements

We have new parking arrangements on this water at the upstream end of the beat on the left bank. Members must now park adjacent to the Old Water Tower, now a holiday let. There is room for 3 cars tightly parked tightly under the Scots pine, by the end of the wall. There is additional parking further along the lane on the verge where the lane turns sharp left. Members must continue to use the current path to the upstream end of the beat.
The What 3 Words locations for these two new parking places are:

Rossmere. Water 87 – No new messages


R.Hyndburn. Water 285 – Coarse Fishing & Parking

Members may fish for coarse fish with maggot and worm during the Non-Migratory Trout close season. (1st October to 14th March inclusive). Lure fishing is not allowed. There is strictly no fishing in the small reservoir adjacent to the river near the downstream end.

Parking at the southernmost carpark (What3words – drew.neat.olive) is now accessed via locked gate to the farm. PAAS Key required.


R. Wye. Waters 144 & 145 – SARA Swim

The Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA) annual ‘Wild Wye Swim’ is scheduled for the weekend of 18th/19th September 2021. For further information visit: https://wildwyeswim.org.uk/news/