Prince Albert Angling Society Merchandise

All of the items below can be purchased from the club stand at any of the shows and events we attend throughout the year. Or alternatively, click the printable order form link below: (Don’t forget to include an SAE).

Items for sale:

  • *Car Stickers 50p
  • Key Rings £1.00
  • Baseball Caps (Blue or Green) £5.00
  • Beanie Hats £5.00
  • Membership Card Wallet £1.00
  • Lapel Badges £2.00
  • *Keys £10.00
  • T-shirts and Polo Shirts £12.00
  • Sweatshirts £12.00
  • *The complete Waters Guide £20.00 This includes all the current maps and write ups of PAAS waters. Price includes postage.

*Available to Members only

When ordering items other than the Waters Guide please include a stamped self-addressed envelope of sufficient size to hold your order. (If ordering merchandise with a Waters Guide there is no need for a stamped self-addressed envelope).

Download the PAAS Merchandise Printable Order Form here

Don’t forget to include your SAE please.