Covid19 guidance on fishing in Wales

Restrictions lifted on some Welsh waters – Open only to those who live in Wales AND travel locally (5 miles) Welsh Assembly Restrictions Apply

As we begin to reopen some of waters in Wales members should familiarise themselves with the guidance in Wales issued by the Welsh Assembly and Natural Resources Wales.

Please note: This information is correct at the time of publication. Whilst we will endeavour to keep this page up to date. You must satisfy yourself that the information provided is the latest available.

The message in Wales is not dissimilar to England in essence it is:

Stay local and keep Wales safe:

  • always observe social distancing
  • wash your hands regularly
  • if you are meeting one other household, stay outdoors and stay local
  • Stay at home if you or anyone you live with has symptoms.

The law on what you can and cannot do during the coronavirus pandemic is not the same in Wales and England. Some guidance on the differences can be found here: . With further details here:

In response to the coronavirus pandemic Natural Resources Wales have provided the following information in a statement regarding angling in Wales

Welsh Government allow angling in Wales as part of your daily exercise.
You should:
  • fish within your local area
  • follow the latest social distancing guidelines and stay at home guidance
  • adhere to fisheries byelaws including the close season
  • You should not travel to Wales from England for the purpose of angling.


Note: There is an update to accompany the first link provided in the NRW statement above, here:


Caniateir pysgota yng Nghymru fel rhan o’ch ymarfer dyddiol.


Ni ddylech deithio i Gymru o Loegr er mwyn pysgota.