Covid19 General Measures

Covid19 General Measure – scroll down to view all


Locks Gates and Catch Return Boxes etc.

Everybody must wash or sanitize their hands after touching locks, gates and catch return boxes, toilets, etc.

Balloted Waters

Ballot system applies to the usual waters that are open as set out in your membership card.

Why we are adding waters to the Ballot

Given the unprecedented times we are fishing through some waters are seeing a greater number of anglers than usual, leading to a number of issues:

  • At times there is significant ‘Social Gathering’ and although accidental we are mindful of the government guidelines.
  • In some situations, the angling pressure is also making ‘Social Distancing’ extremely difficult if not impossible.
  • A significant number of non-members ‘visiting’ anglers.
  • The use of undergrowth for toileting, whilst this is by a limited number of members, we stress that members must have their own toilet arrangements or use the toilets where provided.
  • The increase in angling may place added pressure and stress on fish stocks.
  • Members travelling some distance to a given water are finding no pegs available during busy periods.

Our objective in the current crisis is to give as many members as possible, as much access as possible, to the best fishing possible. The fairest solution to all of the above is, from time to time to add waters to The Balloted Waters List.

The situation is under constant review and as more waters become available to fish, and pressure eases will make adjustments as necessary. Please assist in every way you can so that we may all keep fishing.

Working Parties

All Working Parties are suspended and will be reviewed for the next working party season.

Junior Matches & Events

The junior match program and all events,are suspended until further notice. All waters listed in the card as Junior Matches are open to all, unless closed or Restricted for another reason. Check The Online Waters Guide before traveling to fish.

48 Hour Maximum Stay  – There is a maximum stay of 2 nights on all waters unless night fishing is not allowed or a lower limit already exists.

To account for the high demand for pegs a maximum stay of 2 nights only is allowed on any water (unless night fishing is not allowed or a lower limit is already in place) until further notice. Anglers are requested to take enough food and water for the length of their stay and not order additional supplies from take away delivery or friends/relatives.

Toilet facilities and Toileting

We are keeping under review the number and position of ‘port-a-loos’ on many of our waters and we are not unsympathetic to the concerns many members will have in using these facilities during the current crisis. However, it is completely unacceptable for members to not make all necessary provisions for their own toileting regardless of how long they intend to fish. Be that using the toilets where provided, or ensuring that they carry and use the appropriate equipment. It is unacceptable to expect the Societies Bailiffs to clear up human excrement.

All the toilets provided by PAAS are being serviced. Please report any issues. Toilets outside of our control and those provided by landowners in their buildings might not be open.

Day tickets – We have suspended all Day and Season Ticket sales. We will periodically review this measure.

Trout Syndicate Waters – Contact the lodges direct for current status.

Our trout syndicate waters are working hard to put the necessary safety measures in place to reopen. Contact the lodge direct or check their website for the current status.

Fishing Huts

Except for reporting catch returns, the use of any fishing huts during the hours of darkness is prohibited during this crisis.